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Passion Led Us Here

Newark PROUD!

We have a comprehensive mission to promote our LGBTQ+ community growth via education, networking and community service.

Message from Newark Pride President

In a world that can sometimes feel divided, it is important to remember that our individual identities should not define us solely. We are much more than our sexual orientation or gender identity. Each and every one of us possesses unique qualities, dreams, and aspirations that extend beyond the labels society places upon us. We are all human first -  deserving of love, respect, and acceptance.


Here in Newark we have the opportunity to foster a diverse and vibrant community that embraces and celebrates our collective humanity. Let us remember that love knows no boundaries and that understanding and compassion are the keys to building bridges of unity.


Through embracing our shared humanity, we can create a space where everyone feels valued, celebrated, and included. Let us channel our differences into strengths that empower us to stand together against prejudice and discrimination, spreading love and acceptance to inspire positive change.

There's unity in our commUNITY and on behalf of our Board of Directors and volunteers,  I thank you for supporting Newark Pride. Together our impact can be unlimited!

Sharronda Love Wheeler, Newark Pride Inc, President

Sharronda “Love” Wheeler 
Board of Directors Newark Pride, Inc

Candy Stripes

Newark Pride, Inc
Board of Directors

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